Sadaqah Program

In Islam, Sadaqah refers to a voluntary act of charity performed with the sole purpose of pleasing Allah and without expecting a substitute in return.
It is said in many ahadith that the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Mohammed (saw) was ‘more generous than the blowing wind’, in other words, he didn’t keep anything for Himself, he would give money and food to the poor and let himself go hungry.  
The Virtues of Sadaqah In Islam
  • Sadaqah Helps Cure Illness and Averts Death.
  • Sadaqah Eases Hardships and Removes Calamities.
  • Sadaqa is an Investment in This Life and Hereafter.
  • Sadaqa Expiates Sins.
  • Sadaqah is One of the Gates of Jannah. 
  • Sadaqa Will be your Shade on the Day of Judgement.
  • Sadaqah Purifies the Nafs.

Your donations will spend in this programs:

  • Monthly grocery assistance in Afghanistan
  • Ramadan iftar meals and food distribution
  • Entrepreneur program
  • Build a well program
  • Winter food & blankets program
  • Qurbani