Sponsor a family in Afghanistan

Pledge to donate $20/$50/$200 or any amount you like, per month for a year for a family in need in Afghanistan. Your donation will go towards groceries, hygiene products, toiletries, medical needs, and other basic needs.


Ramadan Iftari Meals & Food distribution in Afghanistan

In Ramadan 2021 we raised over $10,000 for iftari meals to the general public, food distribution (rice, flour, vegetables, legumes etc), and Eid gifts to families in need in Afghanistan. Join our efforts in 2022 by donating to our Ramadan project.

Iftari meal information:

For just $160 you can provide iftari meal to 200 people. $80 for 100 meals, $40 for 50 meals and $20 for 25 meals. 1 meal package includes the following: Qabili (rice, topped carrots & rasinis) Korma (meatballs/chicken/vegetables) french fries, 1 bottle water or fruit banana, dates and bread.

Food distribution:

Food items will include the following items: Rice, flour, oil, spices (sugar, salt) legumes, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Note: A percentage of the fund will go towards administration fees such as hiring chiefs to cook the iftari meals, hiring employees to package, and distribute meals and food etc.

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Urgent - Help save baby Saadia

Saadia is a 2 year girl living in Kabul, Afghanistan. She was diagnosed with down syndrome. Saadia is suffering from brain swelling, a condition that that occurs when fluid builds up in the skull and causes brain swelling, and also has a tumor growing in her back. The swelling is so big that she is unable to hold her head, and the tumor has grown so much that she is in constant pain. She is also unable to walk.

Due to her condition worsening in March 4, 2022 Saadia was rushed for an emergency visit and admitted to a French hospital in Kabul where she received the initial care for the brain swelling. Doctors are planning for tumor operation after 1-2 months. Due to living in poverty for many years her family is not even able to buy food or get basic needs, and thus are not able to arrange for funds for the operation, and initial health care services.

Her household consists of her parents and 8 siblings, including baby Saadia. Her father works to clean the streets of Afghanistan, however he has not been paid his salary for many months from the new government. The family lacks basic needs such as beds, pillows, blankets, and are in dire need of help. 

With your help and donation baby Saadia will receive at least the care and services which are manageable and available in Afghanistan. Our goal is to raise at least $2500 - $3000 for baby Saadia and her family. 

Pictures of baby Saadia can be found in our facebook album

Please donate via our website or zelle/paypal to


Donate to Afghan Refugess in the US

When our new Afghan neighbors arrive in the United States, many have little more than the clothes on their backs. Your gift  will go towards helping Afghan refugees with food, hygiene products, diapers, toiletries, household items, and other basic necessities.

Volunteers Serving Food

Food Pantry in the US

Donate to families in need in the US. Your donations go towards food, diapers, wipes, and other basic needs. You can also drop off donation in our site in Chantilly, VA. Email us at to coordinate your donation drop off.


Build a water well in Afghanistan

Many Afghans don’t have access to clean drinking water. Villagers often have to walk carrying heavy buckets in extreme conditions in search of water.  Most of these villagers are women and children.
Your donation will help hundreds of people who line up daily to benefit from free clean water for cooking, washing and other necessities. Help provide an ongoing benefit to entire villages by sponsoring a standard water well starting at $1000.  We will send you construction updates and once your well is complete, you will get photos and/or videos as well.


Winter Program

Our winter helping program includes providing firewood, wood stove, winter clothing and warm blankets to families in need in Afghanistan. Too often we see families suffering from the cold weather as Afghanistan doesn't have a heating system. Our program ensures that we help families stay warm during the harsh winter season.


Toys for tots

Your generous contribution to toys for tots will help families with toys for their children. You can additional drop off toys by emailing us to coordinate drop offs, or by asking for a specific list of toys we need at


Donate to any project

Make a donation towards any project.
Additionally, if you would like to donate to a project that's not listed, reach out to our team to coordinate on how we can help.